The pose is not the purpose.

You can make a shape with your body. That is a pose. But making that shape is not the purpose of yoga. The preparation, the readiness, the commitment of your self -- inside and out -- to your practice : that is yoga. That is fly.

what is yoga?



Move to a pose. Move fast or slow. As long as you’re connected to your breath and you are breathing, you’re doing it right. Yoga is your personal journey. It is not a pose, or a movement. Yoga is how you are when you are.


Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. When you are breathing in connection to your movement and action, you are practicing. When you notice that you are not breathing, or when you choose to breath through challenge, you are practicing.


The challenge: controlling your mind. NOT no thinking. NOT ignoring your mind. Choosing to focus your mind. Choosing to challenge yourself to be aware of your breath and trusting yourself to allow your thoughts to wait… You are practicing.


No judgement, just truth: movement is easy for those who are fit or who choose to push themselves to a goal. Breathing and meditation are challenging. It takes commitment and effort to do both thoughtfully. Accepting that challenge is FLY.


Sometimes, not moving is moving.


How we work

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Unlimited Yoga Flock ONLY classes at headstands everywhere Studio, free access to fitness classes, monthly pass to a Beer & Yoga event, discounts on public workshops and events, and more. $50 per month. Get Fly.


public events

Everyone can participate in public events though sometimes, events are 21+. Typically, events are published on Eventbrite or via Willmar Community Ed. Events are all about the experience. We want you to have fun! And even when fitness is the focus, we’ll still make sure you have an experience where your breathing and connection with self are paramount. Our promise is an exceptional experience and a true challenge.


private classes & special events

Want to do a thing one-on-one or with your BFFs? Yes. Let’s.


“It's your thing,
do what you wanna do.”

The Isley Brothers



what if i don’t want to fly?

It’s a lot of work. Paying attention to your breath. Dedicating time to meditation. Your journey is yours. If you’re not into it, no problem. As long as you show-up, you’re fly enough for us. We just want you to know that when you’re ready for me, we’re here.


ready to fly?

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“The best way out is always through."

~robert frost


What is fly?

You might think of yoga as exercise. Movement. It can be. There are movements when one is practicing the physical activities of yoga. Asana. But looking deeper, movement is not yoga. Meditation and breathing are the purpose of yoga. The physical aspects of yoga prepare your mind and body to mediate. More than asana, your connection to your breath is the purpose of the movement. Traveling through air — your breath, your movement, your connection to your mind — is yoga.    

Finding a yoga practice that meets your individual needs and has a positive impact on your body is a start to creating a personalized practice. No two people are exactly alike. How one person finds mental clarity and balance as well as physical comfort can differ greatly from the experience of another, even if two people are related or similar in lifestyle. Finding what is best for you takes time.

Learning what makes you feel good, inside and out, is vital for establishing your personalized practice. Establishing your preference of breathing techniques, including connecting with your breathing and identifying any limitations, can help lay your yogic foundation. The act of the physical movement of yoga (asana) can help you determine your flexibility, strength, and endurance thresholds. Bringing together these elements will help build a personalized practice.

flock [fläk]

NOUN a number of individuals of one kind eating, resting, and/or traveling together.

VERB congregate or mass in a flock or large group.

ORIGIN Old English, flocc, of unknown origin. The original sense was ‘a band or body of people’: this became obsolete, but has been reintroduced....

Inspired by the collective grace, shared gain, and overall beauty of flocking birds, Yoga Flock invites you to come together and practice with people like you, where you want to be. We're your flock. Yoga Flock. Together, we FLY.

We travel near and far to practice yoga where you are. Find us inside, outside, online, in Minnesota, in North Dakota, in Costa Rica, and anywhere else you are or want to be. 


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we’re going back to costa rica —
it’s short on airtime and long on adventure!

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travel between Feb 1 and 28, 2020

Pura Vida is a way of life in Costa Rica, and there’s no better way to experience it than visting the remote, coastal town of Santa Teresa. This old fishing town is populated by locals, surfers, yogis, expats, and some of the best beaches in the world.