this is the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.

Join your flock in Santa Teresa, Winter 2020.

Choose your ideal duration — 5, 6, 7 , 8, 11, or 15 days — your best dates, your favorite room type, and customize your extras. 18+ welcome from February 1 through March 6.

includes: private room accomodations, house pool, roundtrip transfer from Paquera Ferry / TMU flight, daily breakfast and dinner, two 30-minute private yoga lessons, 1 bonus adventure*, 60-minute 6AM beach yoga on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

*bonus adventure options: day of snorkeling; national park gentle hike and biolumenescense kayaking; capony zip-lining + 8 hr ATV rental; surf lesson and lunch; infinity pool chill-out + 8 hour ATV rental.

Durations by Dates

  • 5 day : Feb 7 - Feb 11 or Feb 11 - Feb 15 <Valentines Day Alert>

  • 6 day : Mar 1 - Mar 6

  • 7 day : Feb 1 - Feb 7, Feb 15 - Feb 22, Feb 22 - Feb 29

  • 8 day : Feb 1 - Feb 8, Feb 8 - Feb 15 <Valentines Day Alert>

  • 11 day : Feb 1 - Feb 11

  • 14 day : Feb 15 - Feb 29, Feb 22 - Mar 6

  • 15 day : Feb 1 - Feb 15 <Valentines Day Alert>


It’s not complicated. How long do you want to go for? When can you go? Perfect. Now you know which option you’ll choose.

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Travel with our group to the remote surfing village of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where you'll live in beach-adjacent splendor.

This trip is the right one for you if you love the beach and appreciate a slower-pace.

Costa Rica is famous for their Pura Vida perspective. It's a live-and-let-live, island-time type of environment where everyone is welcome; especially tourists. For certain, you'll have the trip of a lifetime. Never traveled without your spouse or partners? Bring them! If they can't make it, don't worry -- you will be among friends from when you arrive at the houes, if not sooner. Or bring friends to share the experience.

The Best Girlfriend Getaway On A Skinny Budget: Costa Rica

...This surf town, on the southern tip of Nicoya Peninsula, surrounded by the 3000 acre Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is THE up and coming go-to spot for barefoot luxury.

Costs by Duration + Room Type

3 Room Types : Private Bath + AC | Private Bath + NO AC | Shared Bath + AC

  • 5 day : Private Bath + AC $1,225 | Private Bath, NO AC $1,000 | Shared Bath + AC $1,100

  • 6 day : Private Bath + AC $1,410 | Private Bath, NO AC $1,140 | Shared Bath + AC $1,260

  • 7 day : Private Bath + AC $1,595 | Private Bath, NO AC $1,280 | Shared Bath + AC $1,420

  • 8 day : Private Bath + AC $1,780 | Private Bath, NO AC $1,420 | Shared Bath + AC $1,580

  • 11 day : Private Bath + AC $3,585 | Private Bath, NO AC $2,090 | Shared Bath + AC $2,310

  • 14 day : FPrivate Bath + AC $3,140 | Private Bath, NO AC $2,510 | Shared Bath + AC $2,790

  • 15 day : Private Bath + AC $3,325 | Private Bath, NO AC $2,650 | Shared Bath + AC $2,950

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What people are saying about Santa Teresa...

"Surf’s always up in the Costa Rican beach town of Santa Teresa. Bright sun and gleaming sands make the perfect backdrop to hang ten in the crystal-clear waters, and fishing, snorkeling and kite-surfing are popular among vacationers. Yoga and spa services are a must for the ultimate relaxation, and, at night, catch a glorious sunset on the same beach where earlier you caught a wave." ~ Trip Advisor

Santa Teresa is like nowhere you've ever been.

Santa Teresa is a remote, small beach town on the Pacific in Costa Rica. The community is comprised of locals, Ex-Pats and visitors from around the globe, all living the dream of the surf/yoga lifestyle.

Costa Rica is a known for Pura Vida -- pure life. What that feels like is an environment of simplicity, and a low-stress, laid-back, and gentle lifestyle. Whether-or-not your a surfer or a yogi, the relaxed mindset is contagious. Even the most anxious and excitable person feels at home in Santa Teresa; everyone is a local by day 4. To get around, you can walk, take a taxi, rent an ATV, or just stay-put beach-side. Once there, you may even find that you do different things than you had planned; and you'll probably be OK with that...


You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

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Take the Opportunity to Connect with Yourself.

Surrounded by beauty, fresh air, fresh food, and fresh experiences, you'll find yourself in a new place both physically and mentally. You will have time to connect with nature through beaches and hilltops, where you'll find stunning views that will surpass those of your imagination.

There is ample opportunity to connect with your yoga practice through movement, meditation, and breathing, in groups and privately.

Escape in Santa Teresa

...Tulum can’t compete with the Nicoya Peninsula surf town on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast when it comes to a title it already holds, indisputably, as one of the world’s five Blue Zones.

Your Adventure Awaits.

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Do I have time to get a passport?

Is there a kitchen at the Santa Teresa house?

  • Yes. And there are many amazing restaurants in Santa Teresa including sushi, pizza, and burgers.

Is there a place to wash clothes?

  • There's a modern washer and dryer, and there are many options within walking distance for you to have others do your laundry for you at very low cost (appx $5 for several loads washed, dried, folded).

How much money should I bring with me?

  • There is truly NO NEED to exchange money in advance because you can use USD in most places and will have access to ATMs to acquire local currency upon landing at the airport in SJO.

Is there WiFi in the house?

  • YES AND most restaurants and other places have free WiFi.

How far is the beach from our place?

  • The very close and we can see it from the house. 

What is the minimum traveler age for this trip?

  • 18 YEARS OLD is the minimum traveler age to join us on this adventure. 

What are the cancellation and refund policies?

  • If you need to cancel, please notify us in writing (email, text, letter) as soon as possible. Below are the dates by which you must cancel to receive a refund, and the dates after which no refunds are available: 

    • Deposits are $1,000 USD, per ROOM.

    • Full payment due IN CASH, CHECK, OR VENMO BY JANUARY 1, 2020. 

    • refunds, LESS 10% FEE, are available on or until DECEMBER 31, 2019.

  • Note: Should we cancel the trip for any reason, 100% full refunds will be made within 48 hours of cancellation.

Am I required to have travel insurance?

  • We do not require that you have travel insurance. (But we recommend it.)

What is the last date to register?

  • DECEMBER 31, 2019, is the last day to register. 

Do I need to exchange money at the airport or in advance of the trip?

  • No. You can use USD but your change will come in the local currency, Colones (CRC). The exchange rate is 0.0018 USD for every 1 CRC, but there's a typical local conversion used of 540 CRC to 1 USD. Everyone there is great at figuring it out so you don't have to be. (Or install an app to do the math for you.)

Do the people we'll interact with speak English?

  • Nearly everyone speaks English -- and certainly everyone who you work with at the hotel and at attractions will -- and Ticos (Costa Ricans) even talk to you in English when you attempt Spanish... (Or maybe that's just when we attempt Spanish.) There's a huge ex-pat population so it's super easy to communicate. We were delighted at how welcome everyone made us feel in past visits.

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