Sometimes, not moving is moving.


How we work

fly pass

Unlimited Yoga Flock ONLY classes at headstands everywhere Studio, free access to fitness classes, monthly pass to a Beer & Yoga event, discounts on public workshops and events, and more. $50 per month. Get Fly.


public events

Everyone can participate in public events though sometimes, events are 21+. Typically, events are published on Eventbrite or via Willmar Community Ed. Events are all about the experience. We want you to have fun! And even when fitness is the focus, we’ll still make sure you have an experience where your breathing and connection with self are paramount. Our promise is an exceptional experience and a true challenge.


private classes & special events

Want to do a thing one-on-one or with your BFFs? Yes. Let’s.


“It's your thing,
do what you wanna do.”

The Isley Brothers



what if i don’t want to fly?

It’s a lot of work. Paying attention to your breath. Dedicating time to meditation. Your journey is yours. If you’re not into it, no problem. As long as you show-up, you’re fly enough for us. We just want you to know that when you’re ready for me, we’re here.


ready to fly?

join us.

want to go on an adventure?